LYGF electric heating plate insulation pads White
Model: electric heating plate
Colour: White
Product Size: 14.5*14.5*4cm
Product Weight: 140g
Power Type: USB Cable Charging
Packing List: electric heating plate * 1

1. The day is cold, work tired, a cup of coffee, always so cold, don't drink now, electric insulation plate can let you have been hot coffee. Can also be used for heat preservation hot tea, hot milk, hot medicine... Any hot heat preservation; Small volume, light weight, easy to carry!
2. It can keep the temperature of the coffee/tea/drink at about 50 to 60 degree.
3. Easy to install, no need to drive, hot-swappable, rated voltage: 2.5 W - 5 v DC, single on/off switch, good quality insulation material, very secure.

Package List
electric heating plate * 1

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insulation pads White

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