This couple is used for joining two Network Cable with RJ45 plug. Allow for the joining of two short cables in order to extend the
length of your need without buying an extra one.
Female to female connection.
It can also be used as a cable gender changer.
Easily and convenience to use.
Great for networking testing or other possible networking solution.
RJ45 module Female to Female Coupler.
Great for connect two short cat5 or cat5e cable to larger cable.
All eight contacts are wired.
Standard RJ45 8P8C socket.
Dimensions: 3.7cm*2cm*2cm
Weight: 0.32 oz(10g) each
Package included:
10pcs RJ45 Coup

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RJ45 CAT5 Coupler Plug Network LAN Cable Extender Joiner Connector Adapter 10pcs

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