Main Features:
*Premium LCD Panel protector Designed for DSLR cameras
*Maximum hard Protection for LCD Panel
*High Quality Crystal Clear Hard acrylic
*Scratch resistant coating
*Maximum light transmission
*Protects LCD panel from scratches, damages, Dirt and finger Smudge.
*long lasting; 99.9% transparency; Scratch Free

1. Remove the protective liner from the silkscreen side.
2. Gently clean the exposed panel protector side with the protector liner removed with a clean microfiber cloth. Be careful not to apply too much this side does not have anti-scratch coating.
3. Measure, cut and paste the supplied adhesive according to the black silkscreen area.
4. Clean the camera LCD panel to remove dust or tiny residue.
5. Use a blower to blow off any dust that settle on the panel protector as well as the camera LCD panel.
6. Remove the outer protective liner of the adhesive and align the panel protector in place with the camera LCD panel.
7. Apply pressure on the panel protector and leave the adhesive for approximate 3 minutes to ensure maximum secure of the panel protector to the camera LCD panel.
8. Peel off the protective liner on the panel protector (with the scratch resistant label) and clean the surface with microfiber cloth.

Please note that one side of the LCD panel protector had an anti-scratch coating as indicated by the label. The other side has been silkscreen according to the LCD panel and therefore does not have anti-scratch coating.

*High quality crystal clear hard acrylic panel protector x 1
*Thin adhesive stripe x 5

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Emora Premium LCD Screen Panel Protector for Nikon D60

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