• to achieve a DC loop current detection, over-current detection, overcurrent and short circuit output after switching signal,overcurrent protection, the module using accurate current shuntcollection, sample accurate, power

Product Name:

  • DC current detection module, overcurrent circuit protection

Technical parameters:

  • the working voltage: DC24V [isolated power supply];
  • Working current: <50mA;
  • the output linearity: linear;
  • output: selectable analog voltage output, relay output;
  • the detection accuracy: + 2.5%; [optional shunt adjustment]
  • response time: 10ms;
  • the working temperature range: -20 oC ~ + 60 oC 0-95% RH;
  • Installation: M3 screw holes fixed;
  • Module size: 42 * 40 * 19mm
  • Weight: 105g;


  • This investigation is mainly used for current detectionsensor module, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection,module needs test series in the current loop testing, due to the shuntitself detection error and drift op amp, the testing process may haveerror, the module power supply circuit and the measured current loop is independent of the best open, so to avoid damage to the device caused interference and wiring errors, be sure to pay attention, please use the reference wiring diagram we describeprovided wiring process have questions, please communicate with our technical engineers to use.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Sensor module

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100A DC24V Overcurrent Circuit Protection Sensor Current Detection Sensor Module

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