Product Description

  • size: length 48mmX width 40mmX high 22mm
  • the main chip: LM393 operational amplifier, transformer
  • working voltage: DC5V

  • with the current analog signal output, signal output or relay switch output;
  • the current detection range AC5A;
  • the current detection resolution can change the parameter settings;
  • the output flow switch signal output;
  • the flow signal setting critical point adjustable, set the resolution 0.5A;
  • with mounting holes, easy to install;
  • the sampling of the current conversion of analog signal output, can be connected to the ADC, TTL level signal output, can be connected with the single-chip IO port control.

  • intelligent car motor over-current detection, blocking protection, short circuit protection, current detection detection of teaching demonstration and other occasions, the two development;

Package Included:
  • 1 pcs x AC overcurrent / short-circuit protection detection module

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0-5A AC Current Overcurrent / Short-Circuit Protection Detection Sensor Module

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