LINEPAUDIO A962 fancier-level HiFi Vacuum Tube Power Headphone Amplifier PreAmp, made of Beijing classic quality 6J9-J vacuum tube, USB-PC supported ASIO sound effect software will give out more professional, full, open-stage, soft and smooth sound, especially applicable to voice, string music, light music, and classical music, the performance of different frequency points is so perfect! Fine at high frequency, strong at low frequency! Easily drive 16Ω-600 Ω headphone of any class, quiet background without any current background noise! Two sets of audio signal inputs, one is USB signal input (USB-PC), USB cable is connected to PC, plug and play without a drive, directly used as an upscale USB external sound card. The USB port can be also connected to any model of Android mobile phones with OTG Function. The other is 3.5mm interface audio signal input and you can connect it to mobile phone, CD, lossless music player or other audio source devices. In case of simultaneous inputs of USB signal and 3.5mm interface signal, 3.5mm interface signal input is preferred.
LINEPAUDIO A962 has three sets of audio signals, simultaneously output to meet the interface of different devices (RCA/3.5mm/6.35mm), the output end will deliver to you a real HiFi experience, whether connected to your upscale headphone or speaker, or used as a timbre adjustable PreAmp to connect your digital power amplifier, multimedia speaker or various stereo devices, what a real PreAmp. Of course, if you want to try the timbre style of different tube amplifiers, this product can fully meet your requirement, compatible with E180F, 6688 and other tube models, you may exchange at will.
Many music fanciers are concerned about the background noise of vacuum tube headphone amplifier, but this product frees you from this concern, its performance in controlling background noise is extraordinary, the background is quiet after several tests and optimizations of the circuit design, without any current background noise, you will hear the purest, most natural, and most nostalgic sound. As to the testing of the current background noise: as it is known to all, the current background noise comes from two sources, one is the vacuum tube headphone amplifier, the other is the audio source or the audio cable (the audio cable makes it more likely to generate background noise), the correct procedure of testing the headphone amplifier is to disconnect the audio input cable, with power on, if the background of the headphone amplifier is quiet, it indicates that the headphone amplifier has a very high SNR. If unquiet, or this seriously affects you from listening music, it indicates that the headphone amplifier has a very low SNR. Notes: An electronic interference device near the desktop may also affect the SNR. For example, if the vacuum tube power amplifier is placed near a wireless router or device, it may be interfered to some extent. Enclosed by an aluminum shell, miniaturized but exquisite, the front, rear panel is precisely processed by CNC machining center, you will get a terrific handle, the ultra-small volume will not occupy your desktop space too much. More than a multi-Functional upscale high-fidelity USB sound card vacuum tube headphone amplifier, it is also a beautiful desktop ornament. All letters on the machine panels are printed using expensive laser carving and will never fade off.

Product features
2 sets of signal inputs (USB-PC and 3.5mm input), 3.5mm input is preferred,
3 sets of stereo signal outputs: 3.5mm / 6.35mm / RCA simultaneous signal outputs, allowing you to connect different device interfaces
USB - PC Supported ASIO sound effect software (ASIO drive to be installed)
Input power: >=1100mW(32Ω)
Matched headphone impedance: 16Ω-600Ω
THD: < 0.005%
SNR:> = 110dB
Frequency response: 20 K Hz - 30K Hz
Supported sampling rate: 16Bit - 32k Bit, 44.1k Hz, 48k Hz.
Net weight: 398 g
Weight with package: 498g
Product Dimension: L98 mm X W 94mm X H 29mm
Package dimension: L 200 mm X W 180 mm X H 55mm

Packing list
1 X A962 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier USB ASIO Sound Card
2 X 6J9-J Vacuum Tube
1 X USB- PC Data Cable (length: 150CM)
1 X DC9V Power Adapter (American Standard), length: 100CM

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A962 6J9 Vacuum Tube Power Headphone Amplifier USB ASIO Sound Card

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