2015 4-Way Audio Video AV RCA Switch Game Selector Box Splitter Black


Product Name

AV selector


ABS; paper card with plastic packaging





Package Content

1PCS*AV selector

Packing List: Toggle button four into an AV switcher + AV cable;
Function and Features: This product supports four AV audio and video (including all the way with S-Video) inputs, one AV audio and video output (with S-Video), you can switch back and forth four AV audio and video input, and eliminates frequent plugging wiring troubles; Usage: AV output device connected AV audio and video lines (three RCA line) corresponds to the input port on the product, can be accessed by four, the input can be connected to the TV, monitors and other display devices, a total of fourth gear, the switchover to the corresponding interface can be; standard AV line 0.9 meters in length;

Suitable for: DVD, VCD, game consoles, cameras and the like;

Note: Impact moment, the image will be disorder in the input switching, which is a normal phenomenon, when the plug is inserted into the slot must correspond to, or cause image or sound confusing

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2015 4-Way Audio Video AV RCA Switch Game Selector Box Splitter Black

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