10PC/Set Professional Toothbrush Shaped Eyebrow Foundation Power Face Eyeliner Lip Oval Cream Puff Brushes Makeup Beauty Tools

Category: makeup brush sets; count 10 sets of brushes;
Bristles Material: corrugated wire nylon hair;
Brush handle specification: portable models;
Long hair Specifications: 2.5cm;
Specifications Overall Length: 20cm;
The crowd: General;
Makeup brush maintenance and cleaning method
1. weekday after use brush along the surface of the paper, the excess of residual makeup brush on cosmetics wipe. One week regular maintenance once.
2. can use special makeup brush cleaner or mild detergent is selected, such as baby shampoo. When using cleaning agents, 5 points each out of coin-sized cleaning paste applied on damp makeup brush, gently rub, and then washed clean with cold water.
3.Never reverse hair wash.
4. After washing, using tissues or cotton pad and gently press with your fingers, to allow water to be discharged, but remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise it will damage the bristles, but also make the bristles loose, resulting in hair removal.
5. washing makeup brush can be hung up and let the hair down to dry.
6. To dry naturally, you can not use a hair dryer or on the sun to dry, or else it may hurt the bristles.
Package Details: 1 set makeup brush set

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10PC/Set Professional Toothbrush Shaped Foundation Brushes Makeup Beauty Tools

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