Latest upgrade 6.0 version TECHART LM-EA7 II Auto Focus Adapter Leica M mount lens to Sony A9 A7RIII A7II A7RII A6300 A6500


TECHART PRO adapter is the worlds first autofocus adapter for your manual focus camera lenses. It is able to turn your manual Leica M lens into an autofocus lens and use them on the Sony A7II, A7RII A7RIII A9 and A6300 A6500 mirrorless cameras . Not only does it immediately give lives to all the manual Leica M lenses, it also changes the experience we had with these lenses. You can now use your favourite Leica lenses for taking snap shots, motion pictures or candid photos.

Techart Pro adapter can also improve the close focusing ability of your lens. It serves the same function as the helicoid or close-focus adapter in the market where the minimal focus distance of the lens will be shorten. This overcomes a limitation of most Leica M lenses which does not allow to shoot really close.

Techart Pro adapter is highly compatible. You may also further adapt other lens mounts with longer flange distance like Leica R or Conta C/Y mount to Techart PRO adapter so that these lenses can also be vitalized. This opens up a tremendous amount of lenses options to be used with auto focusing. It comes with front cap, rear cap, user manual and original packaging.


Achieve Contrast Focus for Sony A9 / A7RIII / A7II /A7RII / A6300/A6500, and later NEX new models, make their focusing speedy and accuracy nearly equal to DSLR.

Can achieve macro shooting in a degree by lens focusing.

Can make other lens achieve auto focus with Leicaist LR-LM, EOS-LM, AI-LM, AI(G)-LM, EXA-LM, FD-LM ,MD-LM, CY-LM, AR-LM, M42-LM, CRX-LM , DKL-LM, T2-LM, QBM-LM etc.


1, Focus mode: Single focus for AF-S, continuous focus for AF-C

2, Aperture Control: Manual

3, Maximum weight supported: 700g ( suggest using tripod mount ring or hold by hand when the lens is exceed 700g)

4, Lens data record in EXIF: 10 sets

5, After-shoot Parking: 2.5mm / 4.5mm

6, Wireless control: Bluetooth, supports Andiord and iOS

7, Adapter Weight: 133g

8, Size: 80mm * 64mm

Suitable for:

Lens: all Leica M series lenses, Zeiss M, Voigltander M lens, and other M mount lens by exchange connector )

Cameras: Sony A9 A7RIII A7RII, A7II(body require 2.0 version or later)
, A6300 A6500 .

1pcs x Techart LM-EA7 II Lens Adapter
1pcs x Original packaging

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Techart LM-EA7II Auto Focus Adapter Leica M lens to Sony A7RIII 6.0 version

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