NewYi OM-LM adapter Olympus OM mount lens to Leica M Camera M240 M10 TECHART LM EA7
This adapter ring allows you to use the Olympus OM lens on the Leica M camera body M240 M9P M8 M6 etc.
It is saving you the expense of a costly and irreversible conversion.
This adapter has no lens / glass element so it does not affect optical performance.
With this adapter, you can connect with latest TECHART LM-EA7 auto focus lens adapter

1,Focusing infinity .
2, No ROM connection on the adapter.
3,Diaphragm control of the lens is set manually.
4,Possible to use with Macro rings and other accessories
5,Lens lock pin
6,Made of Brass and anodized Aluminium
7,Color: black
It does NOT require any complicated work. It can install in between camera body and lens without any tools.
No replace or exchange original parts from lens nor camera body.
For Lens:Olympus OM mount

For Camera/Camcorder: Leica M LM mount camera (Note: the adapter is not coupled with rangefinder
and it is suggested to use it on cameras with liveview such as Leica M or M10 or Ricoh GXR.
You have to guess the distance if you use it on cameras without liveview.) or use it with Techart LM EA7 adapter on Sony E mount cameras.
If you use this adapter with LM-NEX macro helicoid adapter,it can reduce the nearest focus distance.

Automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing will not operate correctly while using this adapter.Manual focusing with A/M mode metering is ok with the adapter.

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OM-LM adapter Olympus OM mount lens to Leica M Camera M240 M10 TECHART LM EA7

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