The LINEPAUDIO PHONO preamplifier adds phonograph Functionality to any amplifier or receiver with standby auxiliary level input.
Prephonograph signal amplifier with AUX input and volume control, and AUX is with no signal amplification Function.
The Phono preamplifier adds a phonograph Function to any amplifier or receiver having standby AUX / CD / DVD audio line level input.
It can also be used to drive the disc directly into a mixer or a computer sound card. With its precise RIAA balance and 80 dB S / N ratio, the product can also be used to input the turntable directly into the sound system of the mixer or a computer. In order to switch auxiliary input to replace stereo or computer use, eliminating the need of connect and disconnect of the source signal as well as the sharing connection of the product. The sound quality of the preamplifier is easy to match or exceed the sound quality of the phonograph preamplifier built into a high-quality stereo component.
Product configuration switch Function selects AUX input instead of stereo or AUX input port occupied on the computer. There is no need to connect or disconnect a shared input signal source of the product.
The output level control is very convenient to use the sound card and allows for the elimination of the largest signal difference between the switched signal sources.

Product features
High quality RIAA phonograph preamplifier, for use with dynamic magnetic type jukebox.
Accurate and stable integrated circuit design.
Gold-plated head input and output connection RCA port, reliable performance.
Stylish, sturdy metal case to increase resistance of electrical noise.
The output level control allows the volume to be adjusted to provide signals from other sources.
Distortion ratio: 0.06% (max).
The frequency response is: + / -0.5dB, 20Hz -20kHz.
Phonograph input impedance: Phono: 47K ohm- 200pFnominal.
Line input impedance: AUXL: 10 K ohm.
Output impedance: 200 ohms.
Channel separation: 50 dB.
Voice: 40dB (Phono) arbitrary signal source.
Phono sensitivity: 3.3 MV.
Output: 300 MV.
SNR: 85 dB.
Power supply: DC 12V 1A.
Net product weight: 329g.
Weight after packing: 580 g.
Product size: 135mm length x 75mm width x 45mm height.
Packing size: 200mm length x 180mm width x 55mm height.

Packing list
1X PHONO prephonograph signal amplifier with auxiliary input and volume control.
1X110V-240V DC12V power supply (line length is100CMN),
1X stereo RCA to RCA wire gold-plated interface (wire length is50CMN),
1X 3.5mm stereo RCA wire gold-plated interface (wire length is 20cm).

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PHONO prephonograph signal amplifier with auxiliary input and volume control

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