LINEP-A928 adopts the embedded high-power control chip system imported from US, with the front-end non-balance to balance, back-end balance transmission amplification, and a wide application of voltage. With a view to sound quality, you are likely to indulge in the high, middle or low frequency! Built-in loudspeaker protection and startup time delay circuit shield impact sound from the startup and shutdown.
Feature 1: The front-end adopts the non-balance to balance circuit, which can control the distortion of IC, with high fidelity of sound reproduction and great dynamics,
Feature 2: Tailored for digital power amplifier, power is supplied in a state of high frequency, this product contains a lot of imported elements in parallel assembly, high-frequency low-impedance that comprises a ultra-high power digital amplifier, enhancing the sound quality, embedded chip enables the Function of loudspeaker protection, overcurrent protection, shielding any impact from the startup and shutdown, allowing for smoother signal transmission and better sound effects.
This product adopts the top brand IC with tube tone for enthusiasts: Tube LM1036 + Warm Sound TL082 + TDA7598L high-efficiency digital amplification rationally blended with special tuning.
1.Signal input first-in: Original LM1036 manufactured by the well-reputed National Semiconductor: LM1036 input stage uses the field effect tube which delivers the warm and fine sound quality with no annoying sound, establishing the overwhelming tubing effects of this amplifier. Its small volume or loudness effect: Enhanced thickness and presence as well as good performance of sound field. Strong treble and bass effect, more attractive sound quality, fine tone, clear leveling of high, middle and low sound, small size delivers the appealing sounds, special effects, its strong adjusting of treble and bass is applicable to any type of music, fresh high sound, sweet middle sound, and strong low frequency are appealing to the audiences.
2.Warm buffer amplification, because tube LM1036 chip has no gain, after directly applied to digital amplifier, this product increases the signal amplifying TL082 chip of front-end amplifier, in order to ensure better effect.
3.Digital operation amplification adopts TDA7498L which causes no sound interrupt when pushing 4Ωconsole, MOS tube Functions as the switch tube, with fine sound quality, loudspeaker protection, shielding impact from the startup and shutdown, overcurrent and short-circuit protection. Its effect is much better than loudspeaker protection circuit of the relay.
4.The high-power digital amplifier connected to the assembled audio system allows fingertip operations on portable devices including listening to music, playing games and watching movie.
Music notes are dancing in your ears. Powerful, high dynamic, good strength, full voice, wide sound field and powerful low-frequency show considerable thickness. Magnetic, fine and full voice. High frequency shows good performance. Particularly of high frequency, moderate lightness, suitable for a long time of listening, good stereo sense of middle frequency, wide sound field, clear sound quality, full and warm. Good box-free sense ensures the sound with permeation. The circuit is enabled with the Functions of overcurrent, overheating and output short circuit protection. Playing music at fingertip readily with the integrated Functions of listening, playing and watching. User-friendly operation, high-quality HIFI music, HIFI sound reproduction
It is ready to be applied via PC, with a wide range of applications such as drawing room, mobile, CD, VCD, DVD, company, supermarket and vehicle.

Product features
Color: Black
Material: 100% aluminum alloy CNC technology
Aluminum alloy housing has wiredrawing in oxidation treatment, good-looking and noble with screen.

Power: 136W 68W+68w 4oMH / 50W+50w/8oMH
Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ
Efficiency: 81%/4oMH 136W, 88%/8oMH 50W
Input sensitivity: 200mv±10mv
Dynamic range: 100dB
Input power: DC19V-3.42A
Signal input: Gold-plated RCA socket
Signal output: Signal output line
Joint type: Gold plug
Interface: Gold-plated RCA
Net weight: 749 g
Gross weight: 878 g
Dimension: 15.3cm(L) X 9.3cm(W) X 3.3cm(H)
Package size: 26.5cm(L)X18.5cm(W)X6.5cm(H)

Packing list
1 X A928 Digital power amplifier
1 X 100-240V Power adapter(DC19V-3.42A)
1 X US Standard power cord(Length: 150CM)
1 X 3.5mm - RCA high-quality audio cable(Length: 150CM)

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Treble-bass 136W High-power Amplifier

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